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Cartel Código Silencio
Cartel Código Silencio

My philosophy

A film is like life, it has its protagonist, allies and enemies. A beginning in which something happens that leads you in a certain direction, plots and characters that appear and disappear until you reach a fade to black ending. If the film was good, you will always remember it.

Awards and nominations

2021 Official selection at My true story Film Festival for Nunca.

2019 Official Selection at Madrid Film Festival for El guardián en el espejo (Madrid).

2018 Selection for Best Director and Best Short Film for La mente de Sagel at Calibelula Film Festival (Colombia).

2018 Best Short Film Selection for Sagel’s Mind at Rozafa Film Festival (Albania).

2016 Best Short Film in Valencian and Audience Award for Raspall Beneït at the 360º Fast Film Festival (Alginet).

2016 Selection for Best Short Film for Código silencio at ABCBC Festival de Cine Iberoamericano.

2016 Shortlisted for Best Short Film for Código silencio at Mumbai Film Festival (India).

2015 Nominations for Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Soundtrack, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress for Volver at the Benissanó Film Festival.

2014 Semifinalists for Verdad Abuela in Cortos con Corazón, a competition against Gender Violence.